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Find Your Fit

Not sure about the best fit for your body? How about some help with style selections? Fill out our Find Your Fit Questionnaire and let's connect!

We are here to help you look & feel even more fabulous!

Hello, Alison here! We get that it can be tricky to know exactly which style of jeans look best on your body — to hug your most valuable asset with all the love it deserves. We also know that you may be in the mood for some fresh new thread ideas for your wardrobe — and you deserve it!

Our Find Your Fit Questionnaire has been created especially for YOU, and will give us insights into your desired denim, your derrière design, and your deep-down dazzling diva self.

At the end of the questionnaire, you'll be asked about which kind of meeting you prefer: an in-store appointment, a virtual styling session, or a chat over the phone. We'll respond within 24 hours to set-up a day and time, so we can get your fashion party started!

  • Who do we have the pleasure of hearing from today?

    We keep all this info private and don't give it out to anyone, we promise.
  • Now, how can we help? What brought you to Injeanius?

    This lets us know where to start, but we can modify as we chat with you more...
  • What items are you looking for?

    This isn't set in stone... a general idea of your desires would be great!
  • Give us some deets about your bodacious bod!

    Don't worry, we keep this all in the vault and don't share the info with anyone...
  • If you are looking for jeans, let's talk about them!

    Feel free to skip this section if denim is not one of your desires...
  • Time to spill the tea about your style vibes...

    This will help us curate kick-ass looks for YOU!
  • Please let us know your meeting preference, and the days & times that work for you.

    And we'll get this fashion party started!
  • Lastly, how should we contact you to arrange a date & time for your appointment?

    We look forward to getting your style party started!
  • Hit SUBMIT below and one of our style experts will contact with you within 24 hours!

    Let's ELEVATE your everyday!
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