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4.25.06 Stuff @ Night Magazine, The Players Issue.
Every year Stuff @ Night features Boston’s movers and shakers, the people who help make life in Boston more stylish, more fun, more fulfilling.

What has this year been like with the opening of in-jean-ius?
Hectic and stressful with little time for fun, but yet extremely rewarding.  It is a great feeling to actually make it real!
What about in-jean-ius are you most proud of?
The overwhelmingly positive response that I have had from customers.  It is amazing and hard to believe when people talk about how much they love in-jean-ius!  This is my blood, sweat and tears, so it is nice to know that the store is making its mark.  What is really satisfying for me is when a woman walks through my door and tells me that she has a hard time finding jeans and in the end she buys two pairs but really had 5 good options!
Who or what inspires you? 
I am surrounded with entrepreneurs who are a source of inspiration and support.  My father, Chet, has been an entrepreneur for as long as I can remember.  Both him and my mother, Cynthia have taught me to take risks.  My boyfriend, Bryan, who has his own company, helped me get past my insecurities and doubts...and still does!
What do you think is the secret to your success? 
Customer service is critical to the success of my business.  Additionally you have to be honest with people!  If something does not look good you can guarantee that I will tell you...I will be nice about it but I will tell you.  Also, I treat customers how I would want to be treated. 
What are your goals for the next year?
I would love to have a better work/life balance for my own sanity.  I also want to continue providing only the best selection and service for my customers (who I thank for their support in the last year!)

4.11.06 Women’s Wear Daily, Denim’s Latest Wave: Superskinny Styles Feed Boom in Sales

Some retailers have found that they have to ease their customers into the trend. Alison Barnard, owner of InJeanius in Boston's North End, a red brick neighborhood of Italian restaurants and specialty stores, said her customer is a professional woman age 25 to 45 who still likes clean, flared, dark denim.

"I have a minimum of requests for skinny jeans," Barnard said. "If they are going to do something different, they're looking more for a straight leg. They're not ready to take the leap to cigarette-skinny."

The store carries 30 denim lines, including Odyn, Taverniti So and Hudson. Gold Sign, the newest project from Adriano Goldschmeid, "flew out" once Barnard explained Goldschmeid's connection to AG, Diesel, Replay and other legendary denim houses.

Still, one of her rock-solid properties is Red Engine.

"It's a sleeper line, but it blows out of here," she said. "We have the Tokyo color, which is a deep navy with a minimal wash. It hits right over the hip and it really connects with the professional woman."


3.28.06 Stuff @ Night Magazine, Spring Fashion Issue. Alison Barnard featured in the Woman Watch section.

So, why jeans? 
Who doesn't love jeans?  Aside from my love of jeans, I personally know how difficult it can be for women to find jeans that are right for her body.  Faced with a wall of denim at a department store, how is a girl to know what works for her....that is where injeanius comes in!  A small store with a wall of denim filled with recognizable brands as well as new up and comers paired with staff that has all of the jean knowledge you could need!

What's the proper response to "Honey, do these jeans make my butt look big?" 
I don't ever recommend a woman ask a man that question.  Men, we love you, but only a small number of you are savy enough to go jean shopping!  Seriously, if you are jean shopping with your girl and you are asked this question, the best thing to say is "Honey, I think you have better options."

How do you have fun when you're not busy selling clothes? 
My free time is very limited, so I try to hang out with my boyfriend, friends and family.  Unfortunately, even when I am not at in-jean-ius somehow jeans are always a topic of conversation.  Girls like to talk about shopping, so I never get away from it...but I enjoy talking fashion!

How many cannoli do you eat a week, now that you own a store on Hanover Street in the North End? 
At least one...I love the chocolate chip cannolis at Mike's Pastry 

Who would you most like to see walk through the door of Injeanius? 
Jennifer Anniston 

What's your personal definition of "style"? 
Style is all about CONFIDENCE!  You can wear whatever you want as long as you do it with confidence.

Concierge Magazine, Spring 2006 , North End, Northern Sight

New supper spots and boutiques light up a historic ‘hood’. “Friendly staffers help shoppers chose from dozens of brands of premium denim.” The North End has innovative retailers who are finding a niche in this neighborhood. Opened since last July, in-jean-ius carries 30 designer denim labels, including Rock & Republic, Farmer, and lesser know Loomstate, made from organic cotton. The store’s pink and blue interior, punctuated by whimsical white spiral patterns, is as lively as the merchandise. Owner, Alison Barnard knows each label’s fit and can pull out the perfect pair for any body type. Tops, sweaters, and jewelry from local designers complement the jeans perfectly.

03.09.06 The Boston Globe, One Woman’s Quest to find the Perfect Pair

Local denim doyennes Alison Barnard, owner of in-jean-ius, in the North End, offers some standard guidelines for women to keep in mind before embarking on a shopping expedition for shape flattering jeans.

Big ol’ back
If you’re looking to minimize your posterior, choose a jean with a wider leg and a slight flare. Avoid flap pockets, or pockets with heavy embellishment or embroidery.

Wide Hips
Look for a traditional five-pocket style jean with a slight flare that isn’t too snug and has a little stretch. Avoid slanted front pockets or large pockets that sit on the hip.

Belly Issues
If you’ve got tummy troubles, choose a boot cut jean with a mid-rise that hits across the belly, not above or below it. Avoid ultra-low-rise jeans.

Petite Frame
To create a long and lanky look, petite women should choose straight or boot cut jeans that fall just below the natural waist. Also, jeans with darker rinses help elongate the leg. Avoid cropped jeans, which make legs look even shorter.

Tall & Lanky
Skinny or straight cut jeans work best for tall women with long legs. Avoid jeans that fall short. Make sure the jean’s hem falls to the bottom of your heel, lest you look like you’re wearing “floods”.

Athletic Build
If you have wider thighs and a narrow hips, create some curves with a low-rise, wide-leg jean that hugs the hips. Avoid skinny jeans.

What bum?
Jeans with slightly higher back pockets, flap pockets, or pockets with embellishments and embroidery can create the illusion of a beefier backside. Avoid jeans with no pockets or large pockets.

Concierge Magazine, Winter 2006, Denim Guide

Scene Magazine, Winter Issue 2006, “Denim This!”

Alison Barnard, owner of a new North End jean boutique in-jean-ius, is making jean shopping easier two legs at a time. In-jean-ius offers 30 different brands of jeans of every rise possible, ranging from $79-$364; the most popular being Taverniti, Red Engine, Kasil, Denim for Immortality, and Joe’s. There is also a wide selection of dressy tops, sweaters, and trendy accessories for under $50.

Barnard focuses on the philosophy of fit, providing every browsing customer with honest opinions and a variety of choices that will meet their individual jean needs, The boutique’s fan base is already growing, with a number of weekly customers stopping by not only for the merchandise, but for the knowledge. Starting this winter, in-jean-ius will start offering Girls Night Out parties, where they close the boutique doors and host a private party for you and your friends.

02.17.06 Tri-Town Transcript, A Truly injeanius Idea, Masco Graduate finds success as Boston Clothier

01.29.06 The Boston Globe Magazine, “The Best of the New”

Want to win a woman’s undying gratitude? Tell her where to find the perfect-fitting pair of jeans. In-jean-ius is just such a place. Owner Alison Barnard prides herself on stocking designer denims in every conceivable proportion, from the highest waist to the dangerously low. She and her knowledgeable staff actually make jeans-shopping fun, bring just the right styles to each customer in the store’s kicky dressing rooms done up as exotic beachfront cabanas. And why stop there? The store also carries playful accessories, slinky tops and club worthy jackets. 441 Hanover Street, Boston, 617.523.5326

01.26.06 The Boston Globe, Tastemakers Talk

Co-founder of Stacy’s Pita Chips, Stacy Madison says “she recently discovered the North End boutiques like in-jean-ius, so she’ll take a jaunt to there for retail therapy.”

01.25.06 Daily Candy, Priority Male

By now, the man in your life has embraced (or surrendered to) the forces of metrosexuality. (Lawd help him.)

His hair cream sits on the counter next to yours (so romantic). His personal trainer used to date your personal trainer. His denim library is almost half as big as yours. He’s even learned enough about dressing to know that his shopping options in town are severely limited.

Give the man a fighting chance by swinging him through the newly opened Modo Gatto (that’s “fashion cat” in Italian) boutique in the North End. There he can pore over Ben Sherman, Taverniti, and Robert Graham shirts, Paper Denim & Cloth jeans, tees and sweatshirts by Grail, plus button-downs and cashmere by Theory.

Bonus for you: It’s across the street from Injeanius — den of all things white-hot in women’s denim. So while he’s improving his wardrobe, you can mosey over and improve yours.

Because, sure, you want him to look good.

But not better than you do.

01.22.06 The Boston Globe Magazine, Tats Entertainment

Designers have fun with tattoo-inspired wear for men and women. Ed Hardy merchandise from in-jean-ius featured in this article.

01.05.06 Get Sugar, “What’s the skinny on skinny jeans?”
click here for online article
I've heard that skinny jeans are all the rage in New York and LA. Do you have to be thin to wear them?" - Holly, Boston

Sweet Sarah

According to Alison Barnard, owner of Injeanious in the North End, the skinny jean trend has yet to take shape here in Boston. She is, however, hedging her bets that "they'll take off this spring and into fall."

"They're a tough look to pull off," Alison says. "In theory they sound great. They're functional... instead of stuffing a boot cut jean into boots [they create more streamlined look]." But in reality, adds Alison: "They look great on skinny, tall people and petite people. My New York vendors say, 'You have to have these,' but I tell them, we're not ready for that yet. I've only had about five people ask me about them."

For now, Injeanius stocks only two styles: Blue 2 ($114) and Farmer ($194). Soon they'll add Goldsign by AG designer Adrian Goldschmied, and eventually Citizens of Humanity, too, after Alison heads to LA for a buying trip.

The verdict is out for us at getsugar. But, hey, maybe that New Year's resolution diet we're on will help the cause for skinny jeans come spring.

Injeanius, 411 Hanover Street, Boston, 617.523.JEAN.

12.29.05 Boston Magazine’s Shop Talk, New Year’s Resolutions

Never kept a New Year's resolution in your life? This is your year to change that. Whether you're looking to knock off that holiday weight or finally find the perfect pair of jeans, we'll steer you to the goods to get you there.

1. I will make it to work on time. Say goodbye to groggy mornings with Sleeptracker, a wristwatch that's all the buzz in the alarm clock world. The watch monitors your sleep stages and wakes you during the lightest one, meaning you feel refreshed and rested. $148, Sharper Image, The Mall at Chestnut Hill, 199 Boylston St. (Rte. 9), Chestnut Hill, 617-244-2225.

2. I will nix the nail nibbling. Start the year out right with a day at Maksou Salon and Day Spa, where you can treat your worn, torn nails to a French manicure, nail repair or paraffin treatment. $16-65, Maksou Salon and Day Spa, 125 Broad St., Boston, 617-443-8633. Keep it up with pretty polishes, hand creams, rose salve, and nail brushes from apothecary wonderland C.O. Bigelow. Copley Place, 100 Huntington Ave., Boston, 617-369-5000.

3. I will lose those last five pounds (or first 10). Don't make your workouts harder by wearing ill-fitting clothes or shoes. Steer away from anything too baggy, and toward moisture-wicking, breathable fabrics. Find a shoe for the workout you prefer—running, walking, tennis, and cross-training all require different support. New Balance Factory Store, 40 Life St., Brighton, 877-623-7867.

4. I will curb my Starbucks habit. They say "latte" is French for "you paid too much for that coffee." Economize with the Bialetti Cappaccino Maker, which can whip up a Barista-quality drink in just five minutes. $89.95, Crate & Barrel, Faneuil Hall, 140 Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston, 617-742-6025, and other locations,

5. I will stop misplacing those keys. The Discovery dual-alarm wireless tracker clips a beeper onto your keys, purse, sunglasses, or jewelry, so you never have to frantically search the house again. $17.95, Discovery Channel Store, South Shore Plaza, Braintree, 781-356-7939, and other locations,

6. I will get rid of these old jeans. Replace them with classic, trendy, or simple styles from North End boutique Injeanious. Owner Alison Barnard will help you find a pair that's not too long, short, saggy, baggy, or tight. 441 Hanover St., Boston, 617-523-5326

12.5.05 The Boston Globe, Sidekick. Fashion Chat with Tina Sutton

Chatter: I do love low-rise pants, but I feel that so many of them are so low that when I bend over, too much skin is exposed. My dilemma is that I also don’t like high waisted pants. Is there a happy medium idea? Oprah recently gave away pants that are low in the front and high in the back to prevent skin exposure, Do you know where I can find something like this? ( I imagine that I cannot afford what Oprah wears!)

Tina: There is a great store in the North End on Hanover Street called in-jean-ius, which is all about helping women get just the right fit. They stock jeans from high waist to super low and everything in between and pride themselves in helping you find the perfect, comfortable pair. They also have great tops, belts and accessories to go with whatever you buy.

11.17.05 The Boston Herald, Skip to the End, make a dent in your gift list with a stroll down Hanover Street.

The death of the mall may be greatly exaggerated. Still, there are some promising alternative destinations worth checking out this holiday shopping season. We had to start in the North End, where the departure of the Big Dig barriers, has renewed the neighborhood’s connection to the city. Sure you’ll want to stay for dinner – or at least a cannoli and cappuccino- but wait till you check out these new shops.

in-jean-ius, 441 Hanover St.
Alison Barnard had wanted to open a jeans store for years, but it wasn’t until she went to business school-where she learned about the increasing population of young professional women living in the North End-that she decided to set up shop there.

“ I was obsessed with the South End, but drove through the North End with my boyfriend and saw the space,” she recalled, “It was too easy.”
In-jean-ius sells more than jeans-cute tops and fun accessories-but it is high end denim lines such as Taverniti and Denim for Immortality that drive business.

“These are $360,” said Barnard, pointing to a new style of Tavernitis. “ I already sold three.”

In addition to early retail success, Barnard is also enjoying an enthusiastic welcome from her neighbors. “I’ve got a men’s club that looks after me, and I’ve got this older guy saving a parking spot for me,” she said, “Everybody looks after me.”

10.25.05 Stuff @ Night , What’s Hot “Denim Dynasty”

Chip & Pepper, Hudson, Citizens of Humanity…if these names don’t sound familiar, you must be living in a denim-deprived sensory chamber. But if you recognize the names and can’t differentiate the brands, you’re not alone. The plethora of designer jeans on the market overwhelms even the most stylish gal – which is why Boston fashionistas are rushing to in-jean-ius(441 Hanover St., Boston, 617.523.JEAN). The North End boutique stocks famous brands next to up and comers like Puka and Meli-Melo, ensuring a flattering fit for any derriere. With help from the incredible staff, your only problem will be deciding which pairs you can’t live without. Just don’t get distracted and miss the store’s trendy tops and accessories – you’ll need something to wear with those five new pairs of dashing dungarees.

10.25.05 Stuff @ Night Chasing the Look

Lucky Magazine, October Issue, The Best New Stores in Boston
click here for full article
in-jean-ius: This outstanding denim-heavy store, filled with labels like Puka and Arch Indigo, is the latest addition to a burgeoning shopping district in the North End, an area known more for its traditional Italian restaurants than modern retail offerings. 441 Hanover St., 617.523.5326

09.19.05 Daily Candy Boston, Jean Pool

They say that you can never have too much of a good thing.
Well they have clearly never had to put their favorite dress into storage after mauling four pounds of chocolate. Or suffered a hangover after fifteen pomegranate martinis. Or faced a downright intimidating wall of designer denim.

Or maybe they have. Maybe they just had help from someone like Alison Barnard, owner of the newly opened Injeanius boutique in the North End.

Barnard’s shop is stacked with the likes of Chip and Pepper, Paper Denim & Cloth, Rock & Republic, and Hudson, plus up-and-comers like Taverniti, Meli-Melo, Arch Indigo, Puka, Denim for Immortality, and Loomstate Organic.

But the real score here isn’t just the jeans, it’s Barnard’s encyclopedic knowledge of her stash and her ability to instantly grab the pair that will fit like a dream and earn you endless compliments.

Something you can never, ever have too many of.
Injeanius, 441 Hanover Street, between Salutation and Battery Streets, North End (617-523-JEAN).

08.19.06 Boston Magazine’s Shop Talk

It is a well-known fact that America's wardrobe staple is denim. That's why owner Alison Barnard has dedicated her new North End shop In-jean-ius to providing shoppers with the perfect pair of jeans for any look, from casual Friday at work to Friday night on the town. In-jean-ius carries more than 25 brands of jeans, from standbys like Paper Denim & Cloth and Chip and Pepper to up-and-coming lines Puka and Taverniti. Mix and match the jeans with an array of tops also carried at the boutique—for a casual look, try Michael Star's tops in every color of the rainbow or Grail's edgy, vintage T-shirts complete with skulls and splattered paint. Body Language tank tops from Paris in basic black, vibrant yellow and deep purple, with either embroidery or delicate beading, are perfect for a night on the town. If it's a more professional look you're after, SHAG's silk shells look great under a blazer. The store's not shy on accessories either, and most are under $50. Local jeweler Jojo's "Blings" earrings—studs made from glass stones in teal, purple, coral and clear—are a bestseller. Bangles are also abundant in plastic, wood, metal, and even snakeskin. And of course, a pair of jeans isn't complete without a fabulous belt. The store carries a selection that includes sequined, tie, chain, Velcro, and cowboy styles—including the exact belt worn by Jessica Simpson in her latest video—meaning you can walk out looking perfectly brilliant. 441 Hanover St, Boston, 617-523-5326


08.17.05 The Improper Bostonian, The Word, “Everyone in Denim”

High-end denim purveyors are popping up around the city like prime-time cartoons on Fox. Last year saw the opening of jean boutiques Jean Therapy at the Hotel Commonwealth and National Jean Company in Newton Centre, and now there are two more to add to list.

Over in the North End, recent Babson business school grad, Alison Barnard debuted her shop, in-jean-ius on Hanover Street in July. Decorated in a mix of bright blue and pink, the girly shop caters to women in their 20s and 30s seeking trendy jeans they won’t find at their local Gap. in-jean-ius carries 25 brands including Hudson, Kasil, Taverniti andPuka. “People are branching out from the department store look,” says Barnard. “They’re looking for a new brand, a new look, and details like that interesting back pocket.”

On her neatly organized shelves, you’ll find jeans that have been embroidered, distressed, patched, cropped, and/or embellished. But that’s tame compared with what she says other jean shops are selling these days. “People are going crazy – they’re even selling cashmere and diamonds on jeans now.” If jeans are the new black pant, as Barnard says, be prepared to pay fancy-pants prices. The cheapest pair rings in at $88, and the most expensive goes for $328. If you splurge on jeans here, however you can save on accessories: The store also sells jewelry – bracelets, earrings, necklaces—and most are priced under $50.

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