in-jean-ius officially opened its doors on July 7, 2005. Located in Boston's historic North End, in-jean-ius stocks 30+ brands of jeans plus unique t-shirts, fabulous tops, and interesting accessories. With an ever-changing assortment, you will always find something new. At in-jean-ius we pride ourselves on helping women find the perfect pair of jeans! Our staff will help you have a pleasant and efficient jean shopping experience; plus you'll love our fun cabana style dressing rooms!

Here are what some of our customers have to say about us:

"I love in jean ius. I moved reccently from nyc and with in jean ius around I don't feel out of touch with fashion and I know that I will always walk out with a great pair of jeans."
- Kirsten Hong :: Cambridge, MA

"Alison made jean shopping pain free for the first time! She knew exactly what types of jeans and styles would best fit my body shape and size and told the truth about which jeans worked and looked the best!"
- Lindsay :: Boston, MA

"Alison at in jean ius is so helpful, she really tells you which jeans look the best on you. She is not out to sell the most expensive pair, she wants her customers to look great!"
- Shannon Markel :: Manchester, MA

"The warm and loving service they give from the time you walk thru the door until the time you leave. The day I went in there even though they were about to close I was still able to try on my items without feeling rushed and knowing the fact that i did not buy anything until the next day and thay were not upset that I took up there time at the end of the night made me feel good to come back time and time again."
- Melanie Loesch :: Boston, MA

"Not only does in jean ius have an amazing selection of jeans, but there are people there to help you find that perfect pair. I have seen women go into the store and swear that they don't look good in jeans only to walk out the door with at least one pair, and probably something else to wear with them. Alison Barnard, the owner, is indeed a jean expert."
- Melissa White :: Islington, MA

"The customer service is the best in Boston and the selection is great. If they don't have what you want, they take down your number and call you as soon as it comes in."
- Meg Prendergast :: Boston, MA

"I own 4 pairs of jeans that i purchased at this store. They are the most comfortable, flattering jeans i have ever had. I never would have known these jeans existed if the helpful employees did not recognize what would be a good fit for me. Everyone should treat themselves to a pair of jeans from In jean ius"
- Lauren Maresco :: Boston, MA

"I needed a pair of low-rise wide legged jeans...when I described the style I wanted, the salesperson immediately pulled out 3 pairs for me to try and one of them was perfect! I was in and out in 10 minutes."
- Laura Moseley :: Newburyport, MA

"In-jean-ius sets themselves apart with their very individual service and attention. They help you find jeans that are right for you and don't mind that it usually takes trying on many pairs. Their very patient and helpful. They also have a fantastic selection and are always looking for new brands and styles to keep us up to date and comfortable."
- Debbie Connors :: Boston, MA

"Alison is very helpful. Not only does she know the female body type and all our little quirks BUT she really pays special attention to what type of cut works with a particular shape. Her jeans are not cheap BUT if you're like me and you find a pair of jeans that "work" then you'll pay extra for them. I like that her jeans are not everyday jeans that you tend to see on every other female. In-jea-nius offers jeans that have style and speak volumes ! If you're looking for a cool pair of jeans that are out of the ordinary and more extraordinary, then in-jean-ius is a pitstop that needs to be had!"
- Laurie Smith :: Boston, MA

in-jean-ius was founded by Alison Barnard

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